Meet Lance, Lili, Alex & a few of the dogs.


Our dog rescue mission started when we were looking for a quiet corner of the world to retire in 2019. My husband Lance and I decided to settle in Batumi, Georgia, on the Black Sea.

When we moved into an apartment, there was a forlorn-looking, pregnant Labrador roaming the hallway up on our 14th floor. Neighbors told us her hard-hearted owner would not allow her inside, rarely took her for walks, and barely fed her.

Sadly neglected “Jolie” became our first rescue. We kept “Lucy”, the runt of the litter the owner hadn’t given away, and started taking her and Jolie for walks.

Stick-thin street dogs followed us in the park, begging for food. They looked desperate, so twice daily, I started feeding them while Lance walked our dogs in another direction.

The winter weather and then pandemic restrictions left the street dogs without food from tourists.

We then decided to rent a property to accommodate more dogs, and rescued as many as we could. Our pack grew to 20+ dogs.

Now we are expanding our operation. We need a bigger place to be able to give shelter to more animals in desperate need.

Your support will help our animal rescue organization save more lives.

Please give generously.


Dr. Lili Castille

Dr. Lili Castille, an American psychologist, has been instinctively attuned to animals since childhood. She therefore works hard to alleviate the suffering of all animals. She rescued scores of abused, neglected or illegally trafficked exotic or endangered animals and birds while living in Asia. Now, she and Lance have co-founded Republic of Georgia Dog Refuge (ROG Dog Refuge) to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned animals in this country.

Dr. Lance Castille

Dr. Lance Castille, an American psychologist and consultant, has had years of experience caring for animals, including farm animals and pets. Having lived overseas for over three decades, he has observed the treatment of animals in different cultures. He supervises rehabilitation and socialization of the rescued dogs for their best possible future as companion dogs.

Alex Sani

Alex Sani, a company manager in Batumi, is a founding member and the caretaker of the ROG Dog Refuge compound. He has had a connection with animals since childhood, and has always been able to feel their pain and happiness. He feels animal energy is the best medicine, and says that if people love and care for all animals, that love will always be unconditionally returned. He has both dog and cat family members.

Your donation goes to feeding, housing, and providing medical care for the dogs as well as to help support our outreach efforts.


Republic of Georgia Dog Refuge Foundation (aka Geo Dog Refuge) is fully certified in the Republic of Georgia and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States..

All donations are tax-deductible.


Meet Boatsman

We found Boatsman abandoned in the Batumi city garbage dump eating leftover food from a trash bag. He had Sarcoptic mange on his back and sides, revealing lots of diseased skin. He also had old scars on his muzzle and head. He might have been used as a bait dog for training fighting dogs. His back paws were mashed flat, as though they had been run over by a car. He dragged his semi-paralyzed hind legs as he walked. After a checkup and treatment at a veterinarian, we brought him home and kept him separate from the other rescue dogs for two weeks due to the highly contagious nature of mange.

Since that time, Boatsman has recovered from the mange, his fur has regrown and regained its natural brown and white color. While he still has mobility issues in his back legs, he has gained strength, and runs with the other dogs the best he can. He climbs stairs by hopping up one step at a time, and has to rest every few steps. We give him homeopathic medicine for arthritis, and that seems to help. Otherwise, he seems happy and enjoys his life with the other dogs.

Meet Daisy

When we found Daisy, another small dog who might have been abandoned or lost by a tourist, she was eating trash and was soaking-wet from days in the rain. (Our city is the rainiest in the Black Sea region). She had an injured leg and was barely able to walk. She was often hostile to dogs around her due to the pain. A local veterinarian said when she had been previously spayed, that only one ovary had been removed and the remaining ovary had become infected. This was causing her much discomfort. We had the vet operate to remove the inflamed tissue, and also tend to her hurt leg. Daisy recovered quickly.

Today, Daisy has put on a little weight and has plenty of energy. Her disposition is much calmer, she is more affectionate with humans and she plays well with the other dogs around her. Being in a safe environment has helped her true nature reveal itself.